Beyond 45: an independent IB Diploma Programme consultant

The IB Diploma Programme is one of the most demanding high school curriculums in the world.  For many students and schools, this reputation limits the learning process, inhibits inclusion, and shifts the focus to scores or college acceptances.

However, most, if not all,  students can not only find success in the IB Diploma Programme but with the right guidance, support, and planning, these students can negotiate the two years in a balanced, engaged, and productive way.

Here at Beyond 45, we strive to provide students, teachers, and schools the tools and strategies to implement the two year course of study with students’ social and emotional well-being as a primary consideration. We do this by:

      • Fostering intrinsic motivation through rethinking the purpose and vision of secondary education.
      • Focusing on skill development: social, personal, and academic (ATLs).
      • Providing thoughtful and practical advisement on scheduling, course selection, and time management.
      • Leading creative, meaningful workshops that strategically develop lessons, classrooms, and programs that re-envision the IBDP to better serve student needs.