For schools

The IBDP is rapidly changing to keep up with the shifting dynamics of international schools by becoming increasingly more inclusive and holistic.  For many schools, this provides a great opportunity to evaluate their identity and how the IBDP complements their foundational statements and their core values.  At Beyond 45, we are here to support schools in developing an IBDP programme that works and aligns with who they are and who they want to be.

Whether you are a school just considering the IBDP or a school who has been offering the programme for years, an assessment of how the DP works with your community is key to developing a strong two year course that fosters growth, development, and student well being.  In our workshops, we take a proactive and creative approach to designing or evaluating an IBDP programme as an integral part of the whole school.  Therefore, we work to develop an ethos and practice that, while may focus on the final two years of study in practical terms, is about the entire school culture.

Examples of workshops or topics that may be covered include:

      • IBDP evaluation and candidacy
      • Inclusion in the IBDP
      • Developing policies and procedures through an IBO lens
      • Scheduling
      • Assessment